Thumb Spica Taping

Typically, taping a thumb spica for slight thumb tendonitis or general tenderness is an effort to immobilize the wrist joint from rotating. Thumb taping is also an effort to limit the hook grasping properties of the thumb with the other fingers. Spicas, also known as thumb splints, differ from casts in that the injury is normally non-emergency level. You should always consult your health care provider to determine the level of severity of your injury. That said, thumb spica taping is easily done with the use of basic products found at Walmart or your neighborhood drug store.

Thumb taping is a primary healing measure for light tweaks of the thumb tendons connecting the wrist to the hand, usually around the scaphoid bone. Such injuries could result from playing golf or racket sports, playing the guitar, or even prolonged typing on a keyboard. Stabilizing the thumb and wrist through the use of a spica will allow the swelling that occurs in this condition to subside after a few weeks, depending on the initial prognosis by your doctor of the injury.

Below is a great thumb spica taping video to assist you if your doctor has decided taping is the best course of action.

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